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Why Gait Keeper Law?

Capturing billable time is an area that many lawyers can improve. Studies consistently show that timekeepers who do not record their time contemporaneously (i.e. the ‘recreator’) experience a “shrinkage” of anywhere from 40 to 60% of their actual billable hours. The accuracy of the time ultimately recorded from memory suffers and some clients will inevitably be charged for the activities performed for others. The ethical implications are obvious.

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Gait Keeper® Law is the most cost effective way to capture lost time, lost revenue, and stay organized. Gait Keeper Law tracks your activities at the office with our web platform or on the go with our easy to use iOS and Android mobile applications. Gait Keeper Law: Budget Friendly, Easy to Use and Accessible Anytime, Anywhere!

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The Future of Time Management.

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Gait Keeper Law provides a variety of useful tools to keep productivity at a maximum and reduce daily hassles.

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Automatically or Manually Track Client Activities.

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View, Sort, and Filter Easy-to-Read Client Data.

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Generate Useful Invoices and Timesheets.

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Configure Matter and Activity Types.

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Be On-the-Go with the Mobile App.